Every year you resolve to get in shape, lose weight, etc., and every year it lasts a few days, maybe a month, if you are really trying. The truth is, it takes more than a month to break a bad habit and another month to establish a good habit. If you quit mid-switch, you are doomed to repeat your weight loss resolution every year with no success. If you feel that you need extra help to get over this middle hump of transition, there are some medical weight loss aids that can really help.

Pills, Pills, Pills

Your best bet, if you want to try a pill, is one that is approved by the FDA for weight loss. While there may be dozens of so-called weight loss pills on the market, the only proven ones get the FDA stamp of approval. Instead of wasting your time in the weight loss aisle of your local pharmacy or health food store, go right to your doctor.

Currently there are several pills prescribed by physicians for weight loss, but you will have to commit to more than just swallowing a pill every day. You will still need to exercise and make good food choices. The pills just help you maintain energy, block fat absorption, and decrease appetite.

Laser Lipo

Although laser lipo is not exactly weight loss, per se, it does help you destroy stubborn fat cells. Better still, you do not have to exercise to blast them away. The cold laser lipo targets pockets of fat and destabilizes the cellular structure, releasing the contents in liquid form into surrounding tissues.

You have to lay very quietly on the table during the process and drink lots of water afterwards in order to flush the liquidated fat from your body. It is, by far, not your least expensive option, but it is very effective at helping you get a jump start on your goals by motivating you with almost instant results.

Look for "Certified" and "Provable"

Results and promises have to be believable, provable or certified by a government agency. If you cannot find any information on who has approved a specific treatment for medically sound weight loss, or you cannot find anyone who has had substantial success on a program, it probably is not worth your time and money.

Blowing money on diet aids that do not work is not only self-defeating, but also expensive. Stick to what your doctor recommends and/or prescribes, as well as non-invasive cosmetic procedures, and you will be well on your way to creating new health habits that stick.