Before the introduction of hospitals, women gave birth in the privacy of their own homes. As midwives have become more popular in recent years, home births are making a comeback with today's young mothers.

If you are debating whether or not a home birth, assisted by a midwife, is right for you, here are three things that you will want to consider before making a final decision.

1. Home births are actually very safe.

The safety of you and your unborn child are paramount when it comes to deciding where you will deliver. Many young mothers believe that a hospital birth is the safest option, but scientific studies have proven that this belief is not necessarily true. If you have a low-risk pregnancy (meaning that you do not have pre-existing medical conditions that could complicate the birth and you are not expecting twins), a planned home birth could be safer for both you and your child.

Planned home births were found to have a perinatal death rate per 1,000 births of 0.35. The perinatal death rate per 1,000 births in a hospital is 0.57. With the help of a skilled midwife, a planned home birth is every bit as safe as, or even safer than, a hospital birth.

2. Home births are less stressful.

Giving birth at home is a great way to reduce the amount of stress you will feel as you go into labor. With a hospital birth, you have the added stress of a car ride to the hospital once you begin to feel contractions, and the anxiety of hoping that your doctor will arrive in time for the birth.

Studies show that when a woman doesn't feel safe or experiences unnecessary stress during labor, stress hormone levels rise and the birthing process can actually be slowed down. By choosing a home birth instead, you eliminate the stress of a hospital transfer and have the opportunity to enjoy a natural birth.

3. Home births offer more privacy.

There are few times in your life when you will be more exposed and vulnerable than during labor. If you choose to give birth in a hospital, the birthing process will be a very public event. While some mothers are not fazed by unknown nurses popping in and out of the birthing suite, mothers who want a little more privacy often choose home births instead.

Giving birth in the privacy of your own home ensures that no unknown guests will be privy to your most vulnerable moments. Only your midwife, whom you will have built a strong relationship with by the time your due date rolls around, and select family members will witness a home birth. This offers you the utmost level of privacy as you bring your child into the world.

While home births might not be right for every mother, take the time to consider some of the benefits giving birth at home can provide before you decide where to deliver your child. Home births are safe, less stressful than hospital births, and offer you the chance to enjoy the miracle of life within the privacy of your own home.