If you're an adult and you've recently shattered a tooth, a dental implant is the healthiest option you can pick to replace your tooth. If you are hesitant about the cost and amount of dental work required to have an implant put in, know that the longer term benefits are worth the time and money.

There are a lot of reasons why people are choosing to have synthetic dental implants fused into the jaw bone for a permanent healthy smile, instead of using partial dentures or a single flipper tooth. Here are some of the great aspects of implants.

High Success Rate

Dental implants have a success rate of 98 percent with patients. The metal used to fuse into the bone is titanium, which is compatible with the body and usually doesn't cause irritation. The jaw bone is examined to ensure density so it can support the implant before the procedure takes place, to help ensure success. If the bone isn't dense enough, a bone graft can be performed to make the bone denser.

No Stress

Removable dentures can wiggle and get loose, and there are food restrictions while wearing them. A flipper tooth can fall out and shift in the mouth while eating and talking. The implant isn't going to be a problem while you eat or converse and you don't have to worry about special care. You brush and floss around the tooth, and you don't have to bond it daily or worry about a mishap.

Look Natural

No one wants to smile and feel like people are looking at their dental flaws. The implant is custom designed to look like the other teeth in the mouth, and it fits in the space perfectly. There is no metal hardware visible to others, and the tooth can't slide out of place. The natural look gives patients confidence in their appearance.

If your tooth is shattered and you aren't sure how you want to replace it, talk with your oral health professional, like those at Oral Surgery Center, about getting a dental implant put in right away. The implant is going to protect the gum tissue in the mouth, it isn't going to get cavities like a natural tooth, and it allows you to resume your smile and eating habits like you did before you had the dental problem. The sooner you get the tooth fixed, the sooner you can restore your oral health, confidence and comfort while eating and drinking.