Regular physical exams are an important part of staying healthy, yet it can be hard to keep up with an increasing number of tests as you get older. While no one looks forward to long hours spent in a waiting room or to uncomfortable exams, there are several fast and painless ways to get an overview of your current state of health. These three health screenings require minimal time and effort, yet they can have a tremendous impact upon your overall quality of life.

Glucose Test

The American Diabetes Association estimates that approximately 8.1 million Americans are currently living with undiagnosed diabetes. This makes it possible that you or someone you know is at risk for serious complications such as a coma, blindness, nerve damage or death. To screen for diabetes, only a small amount of blood must be drawn. During the screening you will likely be counseled about simple lifestyle changes that can prevent diabetes. Learning to eat a healthy diet, exercise and avoid sugary foods can all add up to an improved overall sense of well being.

Vision Testing

Having a comprehensive eye exam and getting glasses can provide valuable benefits for every aspect of your life. Today, eye doctors are able to detect the signs of other serious health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol early enough for you to seek treatment and prevent further damage. An up-to-date pair of glasses can also prevent accidents while driving, improve your appearance and help you to meet your fitness goals.

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Skin Cancer Exam

Try as you might, it is virtually impossible to see every part of your body, which means that suspicious lesions often go unchecked until they have become serious. According to the U. S. Centers for Disease Control, skin cancer is the most common type to occur in the United States. It also does not discriminate by age, and frequent sun exposure only increases your risk. A skin cancer exam takes approximately 10 minutes for a specialist to check for any areas of concern. Since most cases of skin cancer are easily treated when they are caught early, this is one screening that should not be skipped.

Health screenings are a wonderful asset for those who seek to live the healthiest life possible. Identifying potential problems early can prevent disease and ensure that treatments are successful. Your health is well worth an investment of mere minutes to screen for common conditions that will affect your vitality.