Giving birth to a precious baby in a hospital can be a great experience because you have amazing doctors and nurses that are there to help you with whatever you need. They will be there to help you from the moment you to enter the hospital until you are wheeled out to your car in a wheelchair with your new bundle of joy. While they are doing their best to make your hospital stay as enjoyable as possible, it is very important that you do the same. This article will discuss 3 things that you can do to make your hospital stay more enjoyable after having a baby. 

Bring Some Of Your Own Clothes

The gowns that are given to you at the hospital can often times be uncomfortable and revealing. In order to make yourself feel more comfortable after giving birth, you can bring some of your own clothes. Bring some socks to keep your feet warm, as well as a robe that is comfortable for you. You can bring a night gown or sweat suit if you would like, but keep in mind that if you have chosen to nurse your baby, you will need to bring clothes that allow easy access to your breasts. 

Allow The Nurses To Take Your Baby To The Nursery

It is so exciting to have your sweet newborn baby in the room with you, but you need to realize that it is okay to use the help that the nurses provide. If you are feeling extra exhausted and need sleep, simply page the nurse and ask them to take your precious baby into the nursery for a couple of hours while you sleep. They will make sure that the baby is warm, that their diaper is changed, and will bring the baby back to you if they are hungry and you are nursing. This is not something that you will be provided with at home, so enjoying this while you are trying to recover in the hospital is very important. 

Take Medication When You Need It 

While this may sound like common sense, for many women it is not. They want to be tough so they will play down their symptoms and how bad they are. When your nurse asks you where you are pain wise on a scale from 1–10, tell the truth. You have just given birth to a baby and no one is going to judge you for being in pain. Also keep in mind that just because you aren't in severe pain when sitting in bed, you may feel much more pain when you get up to use the restroom, walk around, etc. The medicine at the hospital is there to help you, and taking advantage of it will allow you to feel much better during your stay. 

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