When you suffer from chronic neck pain, it can affect everything that you do, from daily activities to nightly rest. While you may already be using conventional medicine to help you with your neck pain in the form of prescription medication or other treatments, you may also be looking for other options. There are numerous complementary treatments available to you through alternative medicine that you can combine with your conventional neck pain treatments. Get to know a few of these options and incorporate them into your treatment program as soon as possible.

A Yoga Practice

Yoga is primarily known in the United States as a type of workout. However, there is much more to yoga than just a good workout. It is actually a combination of philosophy and physical movement that fosters a strong connection between the mind and body and can help with numerous health issues and pain.

This practice involves mindfulness and mental presence along with meditative, controlled breathing in combination with both static and flowing body poses and movements. Yoga helps to strengthen the supportive muscles and tissues in the body as well as to promote flexibility and suppleness in the soft tissues of the body. This strength combined with flexibility can help relieve pressure from your neck and can provide you with the balance and support that you need to keep your neck stable and pain-free.

The yogic breathing techniques can also help you deal with your chronic neck pain. If you can focus on breathing deeply, you can take your mind off of the pain and relax your muscles which may in turn reduce your neck pain. 

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy can also be an excellent complementary treatment for your chronic neck pain. The focus of massage therapy is to manipulate the muscles in your body to get rid of tension, muscle knots, and to help you relax in the process.

Depending on the condition that causes your neck pain, you may not want to have your neck massaged directly. However, massaging your arms, lower down your back, and even your hands and feet can help to relax your body and may have an indirect effect on your neck pain. After all, all of the systems of your body are interconnected and work together, and pain in one area can be related to tension in another.

A massage therapist will manually manipulate your muscles to find and eliminate tensions. Hot stones and other objects can also be used to help with these muscle issues. Your massage therapist may also employ aromatherapy to help you relax and to relieve tension which can help you to overcome your chronic neck pain.

Now that you know a few of the complementary treatments that can help you deal with your chronic neck pain, you can begin to incorporate them into your treatment program. With continued dedication to your medical and complementary treatments, you will hopefully begin to feel less neck pain as soon as possible.