In a perfect world, when you have to go to see the family practitioner for an appointment, there would always be a significant other or even a babysitter to take your youngster for a few hours so you wouldn't have to wrestle a toddler while there. However, perfection is hardly ever the case. If you get stuck hauling your toddler along for the ride when you have a doctor's appointment, it can definitely be an adventure. To keep your sanity in tact during the visit, there are a few helpful things you can do that may make things easier.

1. Call your doctor in advance and let them know. - Instead of just showing up at your appointment with a toddler in tow and having to wait for a while to see someone, call ahead and let the receptionist at the office know that you have no choice but to bring your little one in with you and you would rather not spend a lot of time in the waiting room. The receptionist may be able to allow you to wait either in your car or elsewhere until they are ready to take you back and then give you a call.

2. Bring along an emergency goody bag. - Part of what makes bringing a toddler to the doctor with you so hard is just keeping their hands busy and mouth quiet when the doctor finally gets in the room to see you. Fill a small Ziploc bag with treats and never-before-seen toys from a dollar store. When you finally get a chance to see the doctor, arrange your little one on a blanket in the floor with their new bag of treasures. While they spend their time pulling out their new playthings, you can peacefully converse with the doctor.

3. Don't be ashamed to ask for help. - If you happen to be in a waiting room filled with people, there is always a chance there will be another single parent there with you trying to wrestle a toddler. Strike up a conversation to get to know this other parent and then offer to watch their little one while they are in the treatment room. By being kind enough to offer help, they will most likely offer to do the same for you. Let the receptionist know yours and your new-found friend's plan so they can make sure you are called back at separate times.

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