In today's world there are many technological advances occurring, and each one is usually to make life more simple and enjoyable. One field that has continually developed and progressed is the medical industry. Doctors can now do things that can touch the edge of impossible; heart transplants, brain surgery, complete facial reconstructions, and the list goes on. One type of medicine that is gaining traction is that of telemedicine. So, what is telemedicine and what are some types of things that telemedicine can help with? 


Going to the doctor can be extremely difficult; often the doctor's office is a long drive away. It can also be hard to get to the office because you do not feel good, or you are so extremely busy. Telemedicine is where you talk to a doctor via technology. You can talk to a doctor over the phone or through a web cam. This allows the doctor to talk to you and start to diagnose your problem immediately. Telemedicine can be used in different aspects of medicine including dermatology, psychology, radiology, pathology, and many more. While there are situations where you must see a doctor in person, there are other times that telemedicine is useful. 


One of the most important things in dermatology is that the doctor is able to see your skin. Often a dermatologist is able to make a diagnosis over the webcam very quickly and accurately. In the field of dermatology the doctor does not always have to be hands on, but can accurately diagnose skin problems with just seeing the skin. 


A branch of telemedicine that is gaining a great deal of traction is teleneurology. This is a branch of telemedicine where a psychologist or psychiatrist will talk to you over the phone or webcam and diagnose mental health. Once again this is a case where the doctor does not need to be hands on. All the information that the doctor is going to need will be given in the talk with the doctor. This type of telemedicine is useful in detecting problems such as depression, anxiety, or even stroke. If you think that you may benefit from talking to a doctor, but do not want to go to the doctor's office, then telemedicine could be perfect for you. 

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