Are you worried about the condition of your hearing because it is becoming worse? There are several conditions that can lead to hearing loss. You will need to be tested by an audiologist to pinpoint the cause of your hearing loss condition. He or she will then be able to come up with the most effective method of treatment. Below, you will find information that will give you more insight on hearing loss.

1. The Common Causes of Hearing Loss

It is possible for something as minor as an accumulation of earwax to cause you to experience hearing loss. But, one of the major things that can lead to hearing loss is known as ototoxicity. Basically, ototoxicity is ear poisoning and causes damage to a vital nerve in your inner ear that helps with hearing by sending signals to the brain. You can also have middle ear damage due to a condition called conductive hearing loss. Sensorineural hearing loss is a condition that stems from inner ear damage.

2. Possible Tests That You Will Need

There are several tests that can be performed to diagnose hearing loss, but one of the most common ones is called transtympanic electrocochleography. Basically, the audiologist will place a recording sensor in each of your ears and ask you to lie inside of a booth. The recording sensor will allow the audiologist to measure the level of electric signals that are in your inner ear nerves.

Speech audiometry is a test that is performed to determine how well you are able to hear when spoken to. You will basically listen to words and repeat what you heard to the audiologist.

3. Treatment That May Be Necessary

Wearing a hearing aid is usually required as the method for treating hearing loss, but you might also need to get earwax thoroughly cleaned from inside of your ears. There are a few different types of hearing aids available, and an audiologist will help you choose one based on the severity of your condition. For instance, a severe form of hearing loss might better be treated by getting a hearing aid that is called a cochlear implant. Keep in mind that there are both digital and analog hearing aids, as well as different methods in which the devices can be worn to satisfy your comfort. Make an appointment with a local audiologist, such as those found at Hearing Health Clinic, to find out why you are suffering from hearing loss.