When it comes to getting quality health care, your relationship with your primary care physician matters. While you may need to see a number of specialists in order to maintain your health, having a primary care physician that you trust to monitor your overall health is important. If you don't currently have a primary care physician, or you don't care for the person you are seeing, it's time to find a primary care physician you can work with to keep you healthy. Your health is important, and how you react with your primary care physician can make a big difference in your overall health.

Building Trust With Your Primary Care Doctor

It is critical to your overall health to be completely honest with your doctor. If you are using illegal substances, or your diet is poor, you have to be clear about these issues with your doctor. When you try to hide information from your doctor, it will be much harder for your doctor to diagnose any health problems that you are dealing with. You can avoid unnecessary testing and prolonged agony if you are upfront with your doctor. If you don't feel comfortable telling your doctor the truth, it's time to find a different primary care doctor.

Understanding the Role of Your Primary Care Physician

There are specialists in each field of medicine for a reason. Your primary care physician is likely a generalist, meaning they don't specialize in one particular type of medicine. This means that if you are struggling with a neurological condition, your primary care physician will refer you to a neurologist who only deals with neurological disorders. While your primary care physician can prescribe medications to treat neurological problems, they will likely want you to see a specialist to diagnose your condition. The role of your primary care provider is to oversee your care and to refer you to specialists whenever necessary.

Regular Checkups With Your Primary Care Physician Improve Your Health

Your primary care provider schedules a yearly physical with you in order to provide you with quality health care. Even when you are feeling well, you should attend your yearly physical just to check in. While you may see your provider a number of times throughout the year for sick visits, it's always important to maintain your once a year visits to get a handle on your current health status. When you work together with your doctor, you will get better care overall.

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