If your child has an accident occur which leads to a tooth falling out as a result, you will most likely have deep concern for their well-being as well as the prospect in saving their appearance. In some cases, a dentist can insert the original tooth back into the socket in which it had fallen from. Time is of the essence for this possibility to be successful, however. Here are some steps you can take immediately after the tooth falls out in an attempt to have it placed back into their mouth instead of having to use a false tooth to improve your child's smile.

Handle The Tooth Appropriately

It is important to pick up the tooth by the crown portion when retrieving it after it falls from your child's mouth. The exposed root should not come into contact with the oils on your fingers to ensure it remains intact. Handling the root portion could also cause pieces to disintegrate from the pressure applied when you grasp the tooth.

Wash The Tooth To Remove Bacteria

The tooth should be rinsed off to remove any bacteria present upon its surface. This should be done with milk rather than water. Water may have minerals within its composition, causing the root to deteriorate if it becomes saturated. Plug the drain in a sink and hold the tooth by the crown firmly with the fingers of one hand. Use the other hand to pour milk over the tooth to wash away any surface debris that may have landed upon the tooth when it had fallen to the floor or ground.

Contain The Tooth To Improve Replanting Possibilities

If possible, insert your child's tooth into the socket where it fell from. Push the root portion into the socket and have your child hold the tooth in place with their tongue. Make sure the tooth is facing the same direction as it had before it fell out. If your child is too little to keep the tooth in place, or if it does not slide back into the socket easily, the tooth should be placed in a clean container. Cover the tooth with milk so the root is kept moist. 

Inform A Dentist You Are Heading To Their Office

It is best to alert your child's dentist about the incident so they are prepared for their arrival at their practice. This way, they will hold off on seeing another patient so your child will be whisked into an exam room immediately for an evaluation. When you call, let your dentist know how long ago the tooth had fallen out and how it is being stored so they can take appropriate actions in trying to save the tooth when you get to their establishment. If your usual dentist is unavailable, a same-day dentistry clinic is a good alternate.