Nerves in your body play an important role in sending sensory information about pain and also determine if your body is healthy. Information about the state of your health and possible threats is communicated from your body to your brain and in reverse from your brain to your body. Major nerves traveling from your brain exit through your spinal cord and into your back. They then connect to a number of nerves that branch out into your limbs and the rest of your body. A pinched nerve may be caused by a herniated disc near your neck or in your lower back, which causes pain that radiate into your limbs and shoulders. You can obtain relief from the symptoms of pinched nerve pain with the use of natural herbal treatments.

Treating Your Body With Topical Herbal Applications

Your aim in using herbs should be to treat your body internally and topically. Choose topical herbal applications for pain that contain wax-based and natural oil ingredients. Beeswax and almond oil ingredients deeply penetrate and address the source of your pinched nerve pain.

Herbalists recommend that you use topical herbs such as Wintergreen essential oil, St. John's Wort, Lavender essential oil and cayenne that penetrate deeply in the area of your pinched nerve pain. You should avoid petroleum-based products that prevent deep absorption of oil products by your skin.

Herbs That Can Be Used Internally

Herbs that you can use internally to treat your pinched nerve condition include Butcher's broom, cayenne, skullcap, turmeric, and ginger. St. John's Wort can also be taken internally to relieve pain associated with this condition. While it's all good and well to use herbal treatments for your condition, there are certain lifestyle changes that you must include to treat a pinched-nerve ailment.

Lifestyle Changes That Heal Nerve Damage

You must eat healthy foods, and your primary care physician can provide you with a diet sheet that you must follow daily in preparing meals. Ask your physician to recommend vitamins that you should be ingesting that are nerve-healing products. Drink a lot of water and banish high acid foods from your diet. Avoid processed foods as much as possible while you are therapeutically healing from nerve damage. Exercise daily, and walking is the best form of exercise. Physical therapy is also very useful as a natural treatment.

Physical Therapy Treatments

If you've been referred to a physical therapist by your doctor for treatment of an advanced pinched nerve condition, your therapist will be using manual treatments, after evaluation of your condition, to help your healing process. Ice and heat treatments are usually combined with manual stretching and massaging exercises to help you heal. Contact a company like Beltline Chiropractic for more info.