If you have an upcoming breast reconstruction surgery scheduled, you should be aware of the ways in which fat grafting can benefit patients undergoing this particular cosmetic surgery procedure. 

Fat grafting involves removing your own fat from one part of your body and placing it in another. It is particularly beneficial in the case of breast reconstruction for the following five reasons:

It prevents scars thanks to the use of needle injections.

The process of fat grafting consists of injecting a patient's own fat using tiny needles. This method of inserting fat into certain areas results in no scarring whatsoever. Inserting other larger types of implant such as silicon breast implants requires a much more invasive procedure that is likely to result in at least some visible scarring. 

It contours the body through liposuction to collect fat.

With fat grafting, liposuction is used to remove fat from areas of the body where it is not desirable. Then, the fat is repositioned in another area such as the great. This allows for exact contouring of the body and improves the overall figure of the patient rather than just improving the appearance of the surgery site. 

It allows for natural sensations in the reconstructed breast.

One complaint that patients sometimes have after breast reconstruction involving silicon implants or other implants that use foreign materials is a lack of sensitivity. 

With fat grafting, the fact that the patient's own fat is used in breast reconstruction allows for greater sensitivity on the surgery site after the patient has healed from the procedure. 

It results in a very natural appearance.

Using natural fat inevitably results in a more natural appearance. With artificial implants using foreign materials, the look sometimes does not achieve a natural appearance and reconstruction surgery is sometimes noticeable. 

The recovery time tends to be shorter.

A human body's cells can recognize materials that are a part of it and materials that are foreign to it. If the body recognizes that materials placed inside it are foreign, it can sometimes start to attack those materials. 

This factor can make healing take longer. It can even cause a failed surgery and severe health threats when the body rejects implanted materials. 

Successful recovery from a surgery is quicker and more guaranteed when a surgery involves the implantation of a body's own tissues. Fat grafting is not only more natural, but it's also healthier. Fat grafting results in a lower complication rate and the success of a surgery using fat grafting is much more likely than a surgery involving the implantation of foreign materials.