If you suffer from dry eye syndrome, you may find that your eyes are irritated and tired after working all day at the office, leaving you to wonder if there is anything you can do to decrease your symptoms. If so, use the following tips along with any medical treatments to help manage your symptoms at work.

Give Your Eyes Breaks from the Computer

When your job requires you to stare at a computer screen all day, your eyes are forced to stay open and focus on what is displayed. Without knowing it, you probably do not blink as often while trying to read what is on the screen.

When you do not blink at regular intervals, the dry air around you dries out your eyes. Also, since blinking triggers tear production, the amount of moisture delivered to your eyes is greatly decreased. As a result, your eyes stay dry and irritated, leaving them tired and red at the end of the day.

To counteract the dryness caused by staring at a computer screen all day, take regular breaks. However, you do not have to get up and walk away from your desk every 10 minutes to give your eyes a break. 

Instead, simply look away from the computer and rapidly blink for a few seconds. Then, close your eyes for about a half a minute. These actions will help to remoisten your eyes.

Put Some Humidity into the Air

Many office buildings have central heating and air conditioning systems to help keep employees comfortable. However, these types of systems tend to make the air dry, which can increase your dry eye symptoms, especially after being exposed to it for hours on end.

If you are allowed by your employer, put some humidity into the air by plugging in a small humidifier next to your desk. Having a little extra moisture in the space around you can help keep your eyes from drying out.

If your employer will not allow a humidifier, an alternate option would be a small personal fan with a water bottle attached to it. These battery-operated fans blow a small amount of moist air.

However, make sure it is not blowing directly on your face. Although the air will be moist, having any air blowing directly on your eyes could dry them out.

After using the above tips, you may still find that your eyes are almost always dry and irritated when you get home at night. If so, make an appointment with an eye care specialist at a location like West Bay Eye to have them examine your eyes and discuss with you any treatment options that may help relieve your dry eye syndrome symptoms.