A walk-in tub can be a very convenient and accessible addition to your home. It is especially useful for seniors with limited mobility or an individual who has experienced decreased function due to an accident or illness. With a walk-in tub, there is no concern about lifting one's legs over a high threshold, as you simply open the door and step right in to a built-in seat. Many are wheelchair accessible as well. Before you set out to buy your walk-in bathtub, consider the following aspects to get the most from your experience:

1. Consider the Weight Capacity and Size

For users weighing over 250 pounds, a larger model with a higher weight capacity will likely be necessary. In addition, you will need to be sure the walk-in tub you choose is the right fit for your bathroom. To ensure you've chosen the right size, you will need to measure the space where you plan on installing the tub. Depending upon the model you choose, you might not require extra space. Your contractor will help you achieve the right fit and take accurate measurements if requested.

2. Decide Upon a Door Style

Walk-in bathtubs feature doors that swing in or out, and to the left or to the right. You'll also find models with the door constructed in front or on the side of the tub. Consider how much room you have. If space is limited, it is best to select a door that swings in. An outward-swinging door will require a little more space, as you need to accommodate the door when it is extended. A door that swings to the right or left is simply a matter of personal preference.

Another thing to consider regarding the door is a warranty. A walk-in bathtub door will receive a lot of use, so you want to be sure you are protected from future damage. Inquire about coverage against manufacture defects affecting the door.

3. Select Your Preferred Style of Seating

Just about every type of walk-n bathtub will feature a built-in seat. However, the style of seat may differ among various models. Do you prefer a contoured seat which molds to your body? Is a sloped back seat your preference? How important is the height of the seat? Would you prefer your seating to include armrests? All of these features should be taken into consideration.

4. Determine What Features You Prefer to Maximize Your Safety and Enjoyment

Last but not least, you should consider the variety of features that may be available for your new walk-in bathtub. Some of these features may be considered optional luxuries, while others might be a necessity for maximum safety and comfort. Here are a few features you need to think about:

  1. Handrails: If you are a senior or someone who requires a little extra support and stability as you enter and exit the tub, handrails are a must. Handrails can help keep you stable and prevent a potential fall. Most models of walk-in bathtubs do feature some type of handrail, although you need to be certain before you buy.

  2. Adjustable Shower Head: If you prefer the ability to switch between taking a bath or a shower, this feature is also a must. An adjustable shower head will also allow you to adjust the control and flow of the water.

  3. Adjustable Bubbling Hydro Jets: The benefits of hydrotherapy have been well documented. Bubbling hydro jets can offer relief from everyday aches, pains and muscle soreness. It is also helpful for those suffering from arthritis. Ask about adjustable features with jets at the foot of the tub as well as jets that allow you to set the water flow at varying directions.

Remember, your walk-in bathtub dealer or contractor can answer all of your questions and help you make the best choice. You might also ask for sample photos of the various styles of walk-in tubs to choose from. Check out websites like http://www.twincitystairlifts.com for more information.