Dental health is important when it comes to maintaining the overall health of your body. Some people experience adverse dental health conditions like periodontal disease, tooth damage, or severe decay that can compromise the quality of their teeth. If you are one of these patients, you may be wondering what options are available to you.

Dentists typically use dentures or dental implants to help replace teeth that are removed due to damage or decay. If given the choice between the two, dental implants are the better option.

1. Bone Stimulation

The teeth play an important role in helping stimulate the jawbone. The roots of your natural teeth are connected to the jawbone. Each time you chew, the roots help stimulate the bone to prevent deterioration.

Dental implants stimulate the natural root. A post is implanted directly into the jawbone by your dentist during a dental implant procedure. The post is then capped off with a crown to achieve the desired aesthetic. Dentures are not connected to your jawbone, so you may experience bone loss and atrophy if you rely on dentures instead of dental implants.

2. Dietary Freedom

Another reason you may want to consider dental implants over dentures is the dietary freedom implants can give. Dentures rest on the gum tissue when they are placed in your mouth. An adhesive is usually used to help keep the dentures in place, but eating certain foods could cause the adhesive to come loose.

Dental implants are permanently connected to your jawbone, so there is no threat of having your false teeth come out when you invest in dental implants. You are free to eat caramel apples, corn on the cob, and any other foods that you enjoy.

3. Maximum Comfort

Perhaps the most compelling reason to choose dental implants when you need to replace teeth that have been removed is the comfort that implants provide. Once you have healed from the initial procedure, your dental implants should cause no ongoing discomfort.

Patients who opt for dentures as a replacement option will have to be mindful of gum tissue damage caused by ill-fitting dentures. It is also possible to develop an allergy to the adhesive used to keep a set of dentures in place, leaving you without a reliable way to help your dentures stay put.

Implants will not irritate your gum tissue, allowing you to experience maximum oral comfort in the future.