A sprained ankle is a common injury that can occur in many different work situations. For example, those who lift heavy items or who are constantly on their feet may stumble and cause a sprain. Sprains are serious and you shouldn't continue to work through them. Instead, it is best to go to an urgent care center and avoid the difficulties that may occur at an emergency room.

Sprained Ankles Shouldn't Be Ignored

Those who suffer a sprained ankle at work may find themselves struggling to stay stable on their feet or handle their duties. However, some may try to fight through this problem and work anyway, suffering through the pain instead. This decision is not a great choice because it may cause more damage to the ankle and worsen a person's injury, also causing more suffering than is necessary.

However, it is also not a good idea to rush off to an emergency room to get care for a sprained ankle. Too many people make this mistake and cause these care centers to get filled up with people who don't need emergency care. As a result, waiting times are often long and those who do need more specialized emergency treatment may end up suffering. Thankfully, urgent care centers may help out here.

When Urgent Care is a Great Option

Urgent care facilities are a great option for a sprained ankle because these treatment centers are designed to handle non-life-threatening situations. And while a sprained ankle is quite painful, it doesn't require the attention of an emergency room to treat. Instead, an urgent care team can inspect the sign of the sprain, gauge its severity, and provide care to help a person stay on their feet.

For instance, they may fit a person with a brace to stabilize the ankle and minimize their pain. They may also provide pain medications that prevent needless suffering. After treatment, they can provide a note for an individual to give to their employer, telling them that they cannot work. Or they may even contact the employer directly (at the behest of the patient) to handle this step for them.

As a result, it is a wise decision for those with a sprained ankle to visit an urgent care center. Getting help for this problem helps to manage the pain caused by a sprain and also eliminates the kind of confusion common in an emergency room. It also helps to cut back on various expenses, as urgent care visits are almost always less expensive than emergency room treatments.

Contact a local urgent care for more information.