Cancer is one of the leading health concerns globally and in the United States. In 2021, it's estimated that there will be 1.9 million newly diagnosed cancer patients. Cancer is a leading contributor to the mortality rate while also contributing to poverty because of medical bills. 

There are various types of cancer illnesses with varying treatment procedures and options. Thus, cancer patients are advised to visit oncology and cancer treatment centers to receive specialized care. Oncology centers have highly qualified and experienced oncologists with specialized equipment for diagnosis and treatment. Below are a few treatment options skin cancer patients can expect from an oncology center. 

Undergoing Chemotherapy Treatment

Chemotherapy is one of the cancer treatment options employed by oncologists in treating and managing skin cancer. Specifically, chemotherapy is used in treating advanced melanoma. The patient receives drugs meant to combat the illness either subcutaneously using a syringe or orally as pills. The cancer drugs travel through a patient's bloodstream throughout the body while attacking and preventing the further spread of the cancerous cells. However, oncologists may also use lotions and creams with anti-cancer agents as the preferred cancer treatment when it is limited to the skin. Thus, patients seeking cancer treatment should visit an oncology clinic for expert-led chemotherapy.

Receiving Radiation Therapy

Oncology centers also use radiation therapy as another effective skin cancer treatment option. In most cases, radiation therapy is usually an option if all cancerous parts cannot be removed during surgical procedures. Oncologists use low-energy X-ray beams to identify and kill the remaining cancerous cells. The surgeon focuses on the cancerous tumor from outside the body to ensure limited radiation exposure. Superficial and electron beam radiation use low-energy beams that do not penetrate the skin, making them a safe skin cancer treatment option. Moreover, oncology clinics have specialized equipment and trained personnel who conduct skin cancer radiation therapy, protecting patients from potential side effects.

Treatment By Mohs Surgery

Mohs surgery is a skin cancer treatment option used by oncologists in areas like the nose, where it is crucial to preserve as much skin as possible. Mohs surgery is also used in basal and squamous cells carcinomas that produce large and recurring cancerous growths that are difficult to eliminate. However, oncologists may recommend Mohs surgery as the preferred cancer treatment depending on patients' conditions. Overall, skin cancer patients should consult a professional to explore suitable cancer treatment options for their condition.